I was speaking with a teacher one morning about a student who has a lot of behavior issues. When she pointed him out, I was surprised. That same student had been extremely courteous and helpful to me in the garden just the afternoon before, explaining how he and his late father used to plant a garden together. I often find that students who might be known elsewhere as troublemakers come to the garden to turn over a new leaf.
- Sanaz Arjomand- Harrisburg Middle School

Harrisburg Middle School is a vibrant 5th-8th grade school located on  a shared campus with its high school. The campus bustles with students and a very active administration and faculty. 100% of Harrisburg students are eligible for free or reduced price lunch and roughly 45% are classified as overweight or obese.

The town of Harrisburg is a rural agricultural community, with a population of about 2,600. The service member would serve as a liaison between the community and the middle school garden, with potential partnerships including the Extension Agency, the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Friends of the Garden Committee as well as promoting garden education and healthy living to the school children and faculty.  


Sanaz Arjomand

Sanaz Arjomand is a second year GardenCorps service member at Harrisburg Middle School. She has enjoyed teaching garden elective classes, hosting Cooking Matters for Families, starting up the Harrisburg Historic District Farmers Market, and working with the Poinsett County Food Pantry among many other adventures.  Before moving to Harrisburg, Sanaz studied political science at the College of Charleston, where she learned about the broad impact her food choices have on the environment and the welfare of people worldwide.  While attending college, she learned more about how food is produced by spending a summer volunteering on Rosebank Farm in Johns Island, South Carolina.  After graduation, Sanaz went on to do a two-season apprenticeship on Full Sun Farm in Leicester, North Carolina.


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