Carrots are really growing at Mabelvale! Watering the garden at Monticello Dig Day at Harrisburg. Students planting in the greenhouse.

To access the Delta Garden Study School Garden-Based Science Curriculum please register below.

Please register to have access to the Delta Garden Study (DGS) Curriculum. When you register, you will be able to access the full curriculum (50 Lessons) and corresponding materials (i.e. Recipe Book, Garden Guide) at no charge. The current curriculum is aligned to the State of Arkansas educational frameworks for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, math, and literacy.



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On October 15, 2014, the full Delta Garden Study (DGS) curriculum will be posted on this website. This includes 50 lessons aligned with the Arkansas Department of Education science, math and literacy frameworks for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades (but can be adapted for use with other grades as well). We will also post the DGS Recipe Book, DGS Garden Guide, and DGS Student Workbooks. We are currently working on re-aligning all materials to the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards, but since this will take some time, we would like to make the existing materials available for educators to use in the interim. There is no cost to access the materials – we just ask that you register as a "guest" when you access them, and please complete a survey after use. The purpose of the survey is to obtain feedback from YOU, the teachers and educators, to help us to make the revised curriculum as relevant to your needs as possible. Thank you!

The DGS Study Team


The Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) Childhood Obesity Prevention Research Program (COPRP), with funding from The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston, the Charles Preston Winters Foundation, and Bank of America, sponsors a School Garden Award program to fund new school gardens and to provide supplemental funding for existing school garden programs in Arkansas. These gardens support nutrition education, as well as core science curriculum, while providing children with increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables and opportunities for physical activity. In addition to utilizing produce grown onsite in school taste tests and classroom nutrition programing, both of the New Garden Grant Award winners and four of the six Supplemental Garden Grant Award Winners will address food insecurity in their communities by providing supplemental produce to local food banks as well as directly to families. In terms of long term sustainability for these gardens, all eight of this year's School Garden Award winners have plans in place to include local community members and organizations in the maintenance and care of their gardens. By placing a premium on community inclusion, these schools recognize the importance of creating a sense of community ownership for their garden programs. We applaud the incredible work these schools are doing to combat childhood obesity and food insecurity within their communities, and to promote education through school gardens!

We are pleased to announce the 2014 winners of the ACHRI COPRP School Garden Awards:

New Gardens ($7,000)
Daisy Bates Elementary in Little Rock
KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School in Blytheville

Supplemental Gardens ($1,400)
ACCESS School in Little Rock
Bayyari Elementary in Springdale
Highland Middle School in Highland
Mansfield High School in Mansfield
Monticello Middle School in Monticello
Yellville-Summit School District in Yellville

Please check this website periodically for information concerning the application opening date for the 2015 ACHRI COPRP School Garden Awards program.





The Charles Preston

Winters Foundation



Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Arkansas GardenCorps Service Sites!  Member applications will be accepted until Monday, June 23rd!!! Applicants interested in serving a particular site can email their preference to Emily English at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are now accepting applications for 2014-2015 Arkansas GardenCorps positions!

Applications will be accepted until June 23rd. Members will be selected by August 15th. The service term will begin September 2nd, 2014, and end August 31st, 2015. Members are expected to serve no less than 1700 hours and to serve for the full service term.

This is a general application to serve with Arkansas GardenCorps. Applicants can indicate a preferred region in which they would like to serve. Specific service sites will be announced in early July. At that point, members will be contacted and invited to select service sites to which they would like their application to be sent.

Purpose of Arkansas GardenCorps:

The purpose of Arkansas GardenCorps is to promote the use of school and community gardens to provide nutrition education with the purpose of reducing childhood obesity and to increase environmental awareness and sustainable agriculture practices in Arkansas communities. Members will assist with the following GardenCorps objectives:

  • Development and maintenance of school and community gardens
  • Garden-based nutrition education for youth and adults
  • Recruitment of volunteers to support sustainability of gardens
  • Increase access to fresh produce grown in gardens

Full-time (1700 hour) AmeriCorps members receive:

  • A living allowance of $13,100 per year with a start date of September 2nd, 2014. Start dates after then are prorated based on member's start date and end date of August 31st, 2015.
  • An education award in the amount of $5,645 if they successfully complete 1700 hours of service.
  • Childcare and healthcare benefits, if needed.
  • Loan forbearance, with loan holder approval.

Responsibilities of GardenCorps AmeriCorps Member :

A member’s acceptance into the Arkansas GardenCorps AmeriCorps program is dependent on the results of his or her sex offender, criminal history and FBI checks. Members must be have a high school diploma or GED, or be enrolled in a program to obtain a GED, and must be 18 years old or older in order to apply.

In general, essential functions of the position include:

  • Garden duties:
    • Seeding, planting, overseeing, harvesting produce
    • Weeding, watering, thinning crops, bed amending and maintenance, fertilizing and pesticide control
    • Construction of garden infrastructure (such as raised beds and irrigation)
    • Maintaining tidiness of common areas
    • Processing and transporting crops to consumer (produce stand, restaurant, food rescue, etc.)
    • Managing gardens’ resources, such as tools and equipment
  • Educational duties:
    • Providing garden-based nutrition education to youth and adults through structured lessons and/or workshops and training
    • Incorporating educational components into social events at each garden, for example at garden parties.
  • Volunteer Outreach duties:
    • Organizing community outreach events
    • Coordinating/logging volunteers and their hours and scheduling work days
    • Publicizing gardens’ volunteer needs and events through traditional and social media
  • Food Access duties:
    • Processing and transporting crops to consumer (produce stand, restaurant, food rescue, etc.)
  • Arkansas GardenCorps program duties:
    • Log time in My Service Log on a weekly basis
    • Attend required monthly or bi-monthly AmeriCorps and Arkansas GardenCorps trainings in Little Rock
    • Timely communication with program staff via email and/or phone

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Preferred:

  • Knowledge of gardening (knowledge of sustainable gardening is preferred)
  • Effective communication, leadership and community organizational skills
  • Teaching experience preferred
  • Good physical health and the ability to lift at least 20 pounds
  • Professional attitude and demeanor

Members will begin service on September 2nd, 2014 and end August 31st, 2015.

To complete an application please follow this link:

Two references must be completed using the following reference form.


The mission of the Childhood Obesity Prevention Research Program (COPRP) of the Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute is to address childhood obesity prevention through a coordinated community-based approach targeting modifiable individual risk behaviors, environmental risk factors, and state and national risk reduction policies. Our approach is focused on food systems and sustainable agriculture strategies, including school and community gardens and farm to school programming
Since 2010, the COPRP has funded 10 school gardens around the state. With funding from a variety of external sources, the COPRP will release an annual request for applications (RFA) for new school garden awards and supplemental awards for existing school gardens funded originally through the COPRP. This year the School Garden Award Program is sponsored through partnership funding from Bank of America and The Charles Preston Winters Foundation.
Supplemental School Garden Awards will range from $500-$2000 each to schools that have previously receiving funding from COPRP. For a list of eligible schools, visit this link.
New School Garden Awards will be made in the amount of $7,000 each to schools that do not currently have an existing fruit and vegetable garden, but wish to build one. For a list of eligibility requirements for these awards, please visit this link.

Award timeline:

  • Application deadline: June 1, 2014
  • Notification of award: June 30, 2014
  • Initial site visit (primary coordinator must be present): August 2014 ( TBD with each school)
  • Orientation and training at ACHRI, Little Rock: August 29, 2014
  • Initial Planning Report due: September 30, 2014
  • Mid-term expense and progress reports due: December 1, 2014
  • Final expense and progress reports due: May 2015

Schools receiving a new award will receive:

  • $7,000 to build a new school fruit and vegetable garden. This can include building a garden from "scratch", or adding a fruit and vegetable garden to an existing "other" garden (e.g. adding a fruit and vegetable garden to an existing butterfly garden)
  • Trainings for teachers and key garden stakeholders at ACHRI in Little Rock (sample topics include how to integrate school gardens into core and elective curricula, gardening 101, etc.)
  • Multiple site visits and consultation from COPRP staff
  • Ongoing technical support from COPRP staff
  • Recipe Book, Garden Guide and Delta Garden Study Curriculum (if appropriate)
  • Schools receiving a supplemental award will receive:
  • $500 to $2000 cash award to maintain and sustain their current school garden (fruits and vegetables)
  • Trainings for teachers and key garden stakeholders at ACHRI in Little Rock (sample topics include how to integrate school gardens into core and elective curricula, volunteer recruitment, etc.)
  • Multiple site visits and consultation from COPRP staff
  • Ongoing technical support from COPRP staff
  • Recipe Book, Garden Guide and Delta Garden Study Curriculum (if appropriate)

Application Requirements:  All applications will be submitted electronically using the following link and must include these items:

  • Contact Information
  • Correct Award Type Selected
  • Completed Application Questions (There are three questions)
  • Completed Budget
  • Letters of Support From:
    • School Principal
    • Community Member
    • Additional letters may be sent but are not required

Cover page information (That you will enter into our online application):

  • Name of School:
  • Address of School:
  • County:
  • Name of Key Contact:
  • Primary Coordinator's Position Within School:
  • Phone number of Primary Coordinator:
  • Email address of Primary Coordinator:
  • If the Primary Coordinator is not available to notify for award status on June 30, and/or to receive a check in July , please list an alternate contact person for someone who will be available at those times:
  • Name of Alternate Contact Person:
  • Phone number of alternate contact person:
  • Email of alternate contact person:


Each application will be scored using one of the following rubrics: New School Garden Scoring Guide or Supplemental Garden Scoring Guide.





The Charles Preston

Winters Foundation



The application process for the 2014-15 Arkansas GardenCorps Service Sites is now closed. Applicants will be notified of acceptance in June 2014.

Applications for service member positions for the 2014-2015 program year will open in the spring (members start in September 2014). Please check our website and Facebook page or the latest information.


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